Registration and identification

  1. Upon registration of the Buyer on the website, the buyer can access their user interface. From their user interface, the Buyer may order goods (hereinafter "User account"). A Buyer may order goods without registration, directly from the online interface of the shop.
  2. When registering on the website and ordering goods, the Buyer is obliged to provide all correct and true information. The Buyer is obliged to update the data entered into the user account upon any changes to them. The data entered by the Buyer into the user account and when ordering goods by the Seller are assumed as correct.
  3. Access to the user account is secured by user name and password. The Buyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the information needed to access the User's Account.
  4. The Buyer is not at liberty to allow the use of their user account to third parties.
  5. The Seller may cancel a User Account, especially in cases when the buyer breaches their obligations under the Purchase Agreement (including Terms and Conditions).
  6. The Buyer acknowledges that the User Account may not be available continuously, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software of the Seller, respectively to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software of third parties.